This Teacher Is Going Viral For Punishing Students Who Use Slang In Her Class, And People Are Calling It A “Power Trip”

This Teacher Is Going Viral For Punishing Students Who Use Slang In Her Class, And People Are Calling It A “Power Trip”

Most would agree that a teacher’s job is to create a safe space for all students to express themselves. Teachers often implement classroom rules to clearly state behaviors that are deemed “appropriate,” but at what point has a teacher gone too far when it comes to monitoring students’ speech in the classroom?

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That is the debate that has been raised on Twitter by @hearts4zaniyahh, who posted a teacher’s now-viral list of banned words and phrases that she deems as “inappropriate for an academic setting,” including words like “Rizz,” “Bet!” and “Motion.”

list of banned wordslist of banned words

At the top of the list, a brief paragraph states that the punishment for using the banned words/sayings is the student must write an essay explaining why they chose to use those words to express themselves in an academic setting.

  @hearts4zaniyahh via Twitter / Via Twitter: @hearts4zaniyahh  @hearts4zaniyahh via Twitter / Via Twitter: @hearts4zaniyahh

The teacher goes on to write: “Please know that using slang in an academic setting can diminish your capability to become a successful writer. More often than not, the way you speak is the way you write. The gibberish some of you choose to use is improper English and sometimes inappropriate for an academic setting.”

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This teacher’s viral list of banned words/sayings has garnered a ton of backlash online from many Black users who felt that the majority of the words on the list come from African American Vernacular English (AAVE), with one user writing: “Seems anti-black to me.”


Another user agreed that the list was targeting AAVE, writing: “‘The way you speak is the way you will write,’ baby, I use slang/AAVE 98% of the time and I’m an award-winning journalist.”


A former English teacher that goes by @AH_Belonging called out the teacher for not “valuing the language of her students”:


Another user completely disagreed, saying the list “makes total sense” because the teacher will have to correct the slang in their written classwork:

@khyla_ed / @AH_Belonging

This user felt that the list was simply the English teacher “doing her job”:


And finally, this user expressed that they understood the teacher’s intention, but still felt the list was problematic:


What’s your take on this teacher’s banned word list? Is she over-stepping and targeting Black students for using AAVE? Or is she justified for trying to enforce formal English in an academic setting? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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