MSNBC Says Exercising And Being Fit Is ‘Far-Right’

MSNBC Says Exercising And Being Fit Is ‘Far-Right’

According to MSNBC, exercise and fitness are a “far-right” way of life.

The network published an article claiming that people on the far-right use at-home fitness trends to “expand its decade-plus radicalization” of combat sports.

Here’s proof we were not duped by The Babylon Bee:

Check it out:

“Earlier this month, researchers reported that a network of online ‘fascist fitness’ chat groups on the encrypted platform Telegram are recruiting and radicalizing young men with neo-Nazi and white supremacist extremist ideologies. Initially lured with health tips and strategies for positive physical changes, new recruits are later invited to closed chat groups where far-right content is shared.”

Those damn fitness fascists.

Interestingly, MSNBC published the article on March 22, 2022, and re-uploaded it Monday for reasons unknown.

Perhaps an editor at MSNBC put on the pounds over July 4 and thus re-upped the article to ease his shame?

Just kidding. MSNBC employees don’t celebrate July 4.

Seriously. Primetime host Joy Reid says she can’t celebrate the holiday at the risk of being shot.

“I did not go out on July 4th and would not. The idea of going to a mass gathering, a parade, or a big fireworks thing outside seems insane to me, to be blunt, in America, because America is awash with guns. And now people don’t just have them, they seem to want to shoot people with them and use them for whatever,” said Reid last week.


To be honest, if being fat becomes left-wing and fit right-wing — the left will gain a substantial advantage. Fit America cannot compete with Fat America in totality. Fat Americans are everywhere.

That is until they die.

Though we are supposed to say so, obesity continues to cost Americans their lives at rapid rates.

“MSNBC thinks you’re a nazi if you work out lmaooo,” Elon Musk commented. But what does Mark Zuckerberg think?

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