They Cloned Tyrone and 14 Other Black Comedies You Should See on Netflix

They Cloned Tyrone and 14 Other Black Comedies You Should See on Netflix

It’s indisputable that comedy holds a special place as a cherished genre, captivating a wide range of audiences for centuries, be it through slapstick, romantic, or dark comedy styles. Who wouldn’t appreciate the opportunity to relax and be entertained by these exaggerated, humorous, and entertaining narratives? Laughter is indeed medicine and everyone needs some kind of relief every now and then, and the plethora of comedy films on Netflix can offer this much needed relief.

But we can all agree that African-American comedies have a certain component that makes them so hilarious that everyone can’t stop laughing till they are in tears. They Cloned Tyrone is one of those well-crafted Black comedies that was a wild ride for the entire two-hour runtime. It was a great mash-up of drama, comedy, suspense, and action, with a sci-fi twist. The combination of John Boyega, Jamie Foxx, and Teyonah Paris as the drug dealer, pimp, and sex worker further enhances the brilliance of the film.

However, this fun sci-fi flick which may be based on Juel Taylor’s personal back story is merely one among the array of entertaining Black comedies on Netflix. A multitude of such gems await your discovery, promising to leave you bursting into fits of laughter.

15 Are We Done Yet? (2007)

Serving as a sequel to Are We There Yet?, this one follows as Nick purchases a fixer-upper house in the countryside in order to build a better future for himself and his life. The house turns out to be in terrible shape, so he enlists the help of a contractor played by John C. McGinley, leading to unexpected humorous moments that stand out in the film.

Are We Done Yet? offers the funniest 90 minutes that the entire family can enjoy during leisure moments. The absence of swearing or explicit content makes it suitable for viewing with kids. Despite some negative reviews, fans of Ice Cube will likely find this movie enjoyable. While it might not reach the same level as the first film, those who liked the original may consider this a valuable addition to the light-hearted family entertainment.

14 Girls Trip (2017)


This comedy film features Regina Hall, Jada Pinkett Smith, Tiffany Haddish, and Queen Latifah as four lifelong friends who reunite for a wild and unforgettable weekend in New Orleans. Throughout this weekend, these friends experience a series of hilarious misadventures, from zip-lining, night partying to taking part in a raunchy dance-off competition. While being a raucous and heartfelt comedy, Girls Trip does not fail to touch on the themes of sisterhood, growth, and the importance of letting loose every once in a while.

It undeniably falls into the categories of movies that can evoke both laughter and tears. Well, anyone who intends to let loose can definitely take part in these friends’ weekend escapade on Netflix. Since the first film was such a huge hit, it’s with great excitement that Tracy Oliver announced the forthcoming sequel, with the original cast, of course.

13 We have a Ghost (2023)

Jahi Winston & Anthony Mackie We Have a Ghost

Renowned for his directorial works in films like Happy Death Day and Zombie Apocalypse, Christopher Landon presents a lighter and unique ghost tale with We Have a Ghost. Looking for fresh start, Presley and his family move into a mansion only to discover an attic-dwelling ghost named Ernest (David Harbour). As their son, Kevin, forms a connection with Ernest, they learn more about his painful past. Thus, it falls upon Presley and his family to uncover the mystery of his past and get him the closure he needs.

This horror comedy film is truly a cute film with a well-written, touching story, its own twists, and well-crafted action-sequences. Each character carries their role well, with David Harbour delivering a noteworthy performance even without uttering a single word. While it may be a great film to some, others find it overly lengthy and more suitable for younger audiences.

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12 Dolemite Is My Name (2017)

Eddie Murphy in Dolemite is my name

Set in Los Angeles in the 1970s, this biographical and hilarious comedy tells the story of Rudy Ray Moore and how he rose from obscurity to become a cult phenomenon in the 1970s. The film authentically captures both the triumphs and tribulations of Rudy’s journey to fame. Eddie Murphy embodies this resilient and unconventional comedian with such authenticity and vigor that many consider it among his finest performances.

Thanks to the brilliant minds behind its creation, Dolemite Is My Name skillfully mixes both comedic and dramatic moments, resulting in a very faithful and entertaining biopic. Knowing a little more about this phenomenal comedian, Ray Moore adds an extra layer of enjoyment to the viewing experience. Beyond its riotous comedic essence, this film exudes a positive energy to anyone nurturing a dream, encouraging them to never give up just like Moore.

11 Deidra and Laney Rob a Train (2017)


This film balances comedy with heartfelt moments to present a distinct coming-of-age story that showcases the lengths individuals are willing to go for their loved ones. It also touches on issues like bullying and self-esteem. The story revolves around Dierdra (Ashleigh Murray) and Laney (Rachel Crow), two sisters whose lives are upended when their mother Marigold (Danielle Nicolet) is arrested and sent to jail. Left to fend for themselves, these sisters come up with a daring plan to rob trains in order to make ends meet.

Deidra and Laney Rob a Train is light, funny, and sometimes just a little bit too serious. But overall, these elements mix well in a way that will surely have viewers invested in the story, making them root for these sisters. Moreover, the training robbery premise sounds pretty interesting and not many people can resist a good old train robbery tale.

10 Naked (2017)


Marlon Wayans is a prominent figure in the world of comedy, celebrated for his roles in films such as White Chicks, Scary Movie, and others. Naked is one of his prominent films. In this hilarious film, he plays Rob Anderson, a man who wakes up on his wedding day to find himself stranded in an elevator, stark naked. However, his situation gets more chaotic and surreal as he realizes he’s inexplicably caught in a time loop, reliving the morning of his wedding day repeatedly.

While its premise may not be unique and draws comparisons to the classic Groundhog Day,Naked remains an entertaining choice for a relaxing Friday night movie. Wayans is definitely good in it, showcasing his comedic prowess. Asides from being hilarious, Naked delves into deep themes about life and the chances it grants us to make things right.

9 Sextuplets (2019)

sextuplets-marlon-wayans (1)

Here, Wayans plays Alan, a man who after discovering that his wife is expecting their first child decides to do some research into his own roots. Through a series of humorous events and revelations, he discovers that he is actually one of sextuplets who were separated at birth. Sextuplets is one of those comedies people will outright hate or find absolutely entertaining. While certain reviews label the humor as dull, the storyline as messy, and the overall quality not good enough, those who appreciate Wayans’ distinctive comedic style will still find it engaging.

Yes, some viewers believe that Marlon’s signature humor remains intact. Although it boasts a compelling plot and numerous comedic moments, quite a few viewers express that it falls short of the comedic brilliance found in WhiteChicks.To completely enjoy this movie, perhaps it’s best not to set overly high expectations and just go with its flow.

8 The Lovebirds (2020)

The Lovebirds
Paramount Pictures

The Lovebirds combines romantic elements with the thrill of a crime-solving adventure as it follows the adventures of argumentative couple, Jibran and Leiliani, who are going through a tough time in their relationship. As they struggle to find common ground, their relationship takes a turn when they accidentally hit a cyclist with their car during one of their heated arguments.

The Lovebirds is a fast-paced film filled with clever dialogues and action-packed sequences that propel the audience through a riveting journey of laughter and suspense. Much like other thrilling romantic comedies like Game Night and Date Night, the hilarious, crime drama take place in a space of 24 hours with enough banter and humor to keep viewers thoroughly entertained. The chemistry between Issa Rae and Kumail Nanjiani is one of the best things in the film.

7 Fatherhood (2021)

Anthony Carrigan, Lil Rel Howery, and Kevin Hart in Fatherhood

Based on the true story of Matthew Logelin’s memoir Two Kisses for Maddy: A Memoir of Loss & Love,Fatherhood follows the emotional and comedic journey of a widower navigating the challenges of single parenthood after the sudden death of his wife. As Kevin Hart portrays this father who grapples with the challenges of coping with is wife’s death and the daunting task of training their child alone, this film becomes so much more than a comedy that evokes laughter.

Fatherhood strikes a balance between humor and heartfelt moments, showcasing Hart’s ability to bring both comedy and emotional depth to his character. The film embraces a simple story about the joys and troubles of parenthood, so the story is not new. Its predictability doesn’t change the fact that it is a good film perfect for a Father’s Day viewing.

6 Death at a Funeral (2010)

The cast of Death at a Funeral gather round the coffin
Screen Gems

Death at a Funeral centers around the funeral of Aaron’s father where he discovers that his father had a secret lover while he was alive. In this event are various family members and friends, each with their own set of quirks and issues. As the story unfolds, chaos erupts, secrets are unveiled, misunderstandings arise, and a mix of comedic situations develop. The ensemble cast, featuring actors like Tracy Morgan, Keith David, Hart, Regina Halls Chris Rock, Danny Clover, James Marsden, Martin Lawrence, and Peter Dinklage is undoubtedly one of the outstanding features of this black comedy film.

Given that this is a remake of the 2007 film of the same name, comparisons naturally arise between the original and this adaptation. Some viewers may find this lacking in comparison, but for those who have nothing against remakes, this film promises consistent laughter, much like its predecessor.

5 The Incredible Jessica James (2017)

The Incredible Jessica James

The real-life comedian Jessica James plays a version of herself in this romantic comedy that offers fresh and relatable take on modern romance and pursuing one’s ambition. The Incredible Jessica James revolves around a strong and independent woman, who is determined to pursue her dreams of becoming a successful playwright while navigating the challenges of dating in the modern world after a painful breakup.

James Strouse does a great job of crafting a truly unique and realistic romantic comedy that tries its best to avoid the common tropes often seen in the genre. It’s certainly no typical chick flick. However, in its pursuit of uniqueness, it fails to present characters viewers will truly fall in love with. Even though it falls short in this aspect, this film maintains a well-rounded blend of humor, heartfelt moments, and dramatic elements, rendering it a worthwhile watch.

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4 Ride Along (2014)

Universal Pictures

In this buddy cop comedy, Ice Cube and Hart take on the roles of James Payton and Ben Barber, respectively, a police officer and a security guard who embark in a series of comedic escapades. Ben Barber is a security officer with dreams of joining the police force, so he decides to prove himself worthy of dating James’ sister by going on a ride along with him.

Ben’s high-energy and James’ no-nonsense attitude clash during the course of this ride along, leading to series of comedic and action-packed situations. It is so much fun that it may end up becoming a guilty pleasure for some. For those who love a combo of Hart and Ice Cube, there’s ample opportunity to see them shine here. While Ride Along is available on Netflix, unfortunately the second part isn’t available on the streaming platform.

3 Day Shift (2022)

Jamie Foxx in Day Shift on Netflix

In this horror comedy, Foxx takes on the role of a hardworking dad who just wants to provide a good life for his daughter. His pool-cleaning job serves as a cover for his real source of income, which is hunting and killing vampires. The premise may not be ground-breaking since it blends elements from buddy cop films with vibes from popular vampire comedies like From Dusk Till Dawn and Fright Night. Yet, it is pure entertainment.

Foxx’s exceptional acting definitely cranks up the movie’s fun factor. Day Shift is jam-packed with action from beginning to end, with gory scenes that die-hard fans of blood-soaked zombie flicks crave. For those averse to gory scenes, the excess blood might be a bit much. Also, Snoop Dog was a total badass in it too, giving viewers another reason to enjoy this film, even if it fails in some aspects.

2 A Madea Homecoming (2022)

A Madea Homecoming

Tyler Perry’s Madea films are known for their comedic and heartwarming stories centered around the character Madea, played by Perry himself. This particular story follows in the tradition of Madea’s comic escapades, revolving around the chaos that ensues during her great-grandson’s college graduation celebration. According to some viewers, this story is simple and easy to follow unlike some other Madea films, which often seem disconnected.

Opinions differ: while some viewers feel A Madea Homecoming does not meet up with the comedic heights of its predecessors, others would argue that it ranks as the funniest Madea movie. The truth remains that this light-hearted flick from Perry manages to deliver several laugh-out-loud moments and remains a solid choice for a weekend movie night. Brendan O’Carroll’s portrayal of Agnes brings a unique touch of humor to the film, further enhancing its entertainment value.

1 They Cloned Tyrone (2023)

John Boyega They Cloned Tyrone

This sci-fi comedy film tells the story of an unlikely trio who set out on a mission to uncover the government’s nefarious experiments in their neighborhood. The cast includes Boyega, Foxx, and Teyonah, and their on-screen chemistry truly captivates the audience, keeping them engaged throughout. They Cloned Tyrone effortlessly weaves together humor and sci-fi elements, while also delivering a powerful message about unity within the Black community to bring about positive change.

Amidst this meaningful message, the movie is filled with lighthearted moments as the trio strives to outwit the government and restore their community. Thanks to the efforts of directors, writers, actors, and the entire creative team, many view this film as one of the best films of 2023. The anticipation for a potential sequel is already growing, as audiences hope to delve deeper into Tyrone’s story.

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