Elmwood Place officers talking badly about residents on public radio

Elmwood Place officers talking badly about residents on public radio

ELMWOOD PLACE, Ohio — Elmwood Place police officers were heard talking badly about the public on a public radio channel this week.

On multiple occasions, the officers are heard making crude jokes, admitting they enjoy screwing with people as well as talking down to the community they serve.

“I hope she has a f—king horrendous day today,” one officer said after a traffic stop.

“Yeah, the most awful day ever,” another officer added.

After the WCPO 9 newsroom heard the conversation on police radio scanners, we started digging and quickly found out there were more. Officers could also be heard coming up with nicknames for Elmwood residents.

“Elm hooligans?” one officer suggested.

The other officer agreed with it, saying it described how Elmwood residents act.

“Either Elm hooligans or Elm-hood rats,” the first officer said.

Elmwood Place 2

Read the full transcript of the conversation:

Officer 1: He just got on scene, he’s about to do it. Also, were gonna have to think of like a nickname to call like Elmwood, like citizens of Elmwood. Like the Elm-ridians or something crazy.

Officer 2: Elm hooligans.

Officer 1: I like that, that has a flow. It definitely describes how they act too.

Officer 2: Either Elm hooligans or Elm-hood rats.

One officer openly admitted that he liked screwing with residents.

“I love f—king with people for having their brights on,” he said. “It makes my day.”

Elmwood Place 3

During another conversation, an officer spoke about an Elmwood Place woman, stating “She can ingest a satchel of Richards.”

Elmwood Police 1

Read the full transcript of the conversation:

Officer 1: She can ingest a satchel of Richards.

Officer 2: I’m sure that’s how she got pregnant.

Officer 1: Well, she wouldn’t have gotten pregnant if she swallowed.

Officer 2: That’s true, I guess that’s a lesson she should’ve learned. I don’t know who’s having a kid with that thing, but damn I do not want to be that dude.

Officer 1: Looking at her record, she probably whooped his ass on the daily.

Officer 2: Oh, I’m sure. Some guys like that though.

Officer 1: She said ‘don’t threaten me with a good time.’

Elmwood Place resident Desiree Francis said she was disappointed to hear officers speaking about the community in that manner.

“The officers are supposed to make us feel safe, and initially when they say that it makes us feel like we’re not safe here,” Francis said. “And we’re getting treated like Elmwood hooligans.”

When Elmwood resident Tiffani Johnson listened to what was said, she couldn’t believe it.

“It’s a little awkward. Y’all supposed to be here and help us, as far as like the community,” Johnson said. “Just hearing that … That was just like, ‘Whoa, what officers are these?'”

WCPO went to the Elmwood Place Police Department to find out.

We played the conversations to Lt. TJ Johnson, who was in the parking lot at the station, and asked if he knew who it was.

“I mean it sounds familiar,” Johnson said. “The reason I don’t wanna give a name, I don’t know exactly if that’s the officer I’m thinking. I work day shift, that sounds like night shift. Let me give the chief a call real quick.”

Police Chief Randall Newsom said officers Marc Christensen and Cameran Wood were the two people heard speaking on the radio scanners.

Mayor Ronald Spears said there will be a full investigation, and they will be completely transparent about it. Spears said they will take swift action if discipline is warranted.

“They’re not pleasant. I will deal with it,” said Newsom. “The talking of two officers does not describe the culture that police department is.”

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